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While we are locate in Greenville, NC the internet makes the world a small place!   We are constantly referring our clients to multiple places on the internet to help educate them in the subject of insurance, auto and home safety.
Here are a few of the places we use a lot:

1. Do you want to make sure you are buying a safe Automobile or Motorcycle? Go to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

2. Getting a good deal on that new car? How about what your trade in is worth? Here are a couple of resources:

3. How safe is your insurance company? I very wise man once said "Trust but verify"
so make sure your company is on good financial footing. A low premium won't help if you company isn't around when you need them! A.M. Best will tell you about the financial viability of almost every company out there.

Some smaller companies might not be rated by A. M. Best. If you can't find them check here:

4. So, you are looking at in insurance company. The rate is good, the agent is nice, maybe the commercials are funny. That doesn't tell you how they do business. J. D. Power and Associates are constantly review companies on you behalf.

5. Financial Advise, everybody out there is offering advise, including us here at CHA. Who are some of the people we like?

6. Lastly, people are always asking about what kind of racing Cline does. Here a couple of the crazy auto racing series he is in:

and some of the tracks where he races.

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